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Your Place

Medium: binder, binder clips, tape,

marker, glue-gun

Fall 2019

Dimensions: size per binder

9 in x 12 in x 2 in

"The found objects (binders and clips) are a representation of how things are categorized, divided, labeled, and placed in a specific place. Different kinds of chairs provide seats and places to play around with words that relate to various labels and allow the audience to question themselves on whether they are fit for or even allowed to sit on the specific chair, just like how certain binders and labels are designated towards certain materials. This work also relates to the matter of the functional aspect of the chairs and encourage the audience to think: Should the chairs be functional? Semi-functional? Not-functional? Can I sit on it? Who is it for? What do the words say? Am I allowed to write on it? With a marker placed on one of the chairs, the topic of permission also arises as a result of such questions, whether it is the permission by the artist or by the society."

Structure and Function
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