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Of All The Places...

Part 3 - Vivid House

Medium: Blender

Spring 2022


It was like my playground. My little jungle house. I was free as a butterfly and a monkey. There were fishes that jumped out of the bowl every once in a while. I would jump from one to another across the wooden desks that were lined up against a wall. The house was like a long tunnel, where sunlight was shining in from both sides. I could hear birds flying and stopping by at the terrace and children's giggles​ from the swimming pool on the other side. There were geckos, cockroaches, and ants, all inside the house. I remember taking a mop to smash a gecko into pieces, when I spot it in the corner of my room, not realizing its innocence. When it was brutally smashed without mercy, I could then see its last effort to survive when the remaining piece of tail continued to flicker. It was weird, but I did not feel any guilt back then. 

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