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The Rules

Medium: Mac Folder

Spring 2019

Devoting this piece to my professor, Justin Reed, this is an apprehensive revolution against his one simple rule: "There are no rules."

An ongoing confusion continues throughout, as soon as he declares that there are no rules, rules start to emerge.


This piece is an interactive multi-media art piece that focuses on providing a personal experience through a constructed environment. A series of "mystery boxes" appear, and only the right box leads to another. Through customized folders in Mac, each folder has a specifically assigned label and icon. Once the designated folders are combined, a quote saying "In Time studio, there are no rules, but I GRADE you." appears, which juxtaposes Justin’s rule that there are no rules. 

This quote was already told from the beginning of the experience through the distorted audio in the background. However, it is only near the end of the experience that we can finally realize the existence of the rule. Throughout the process of arriving where we are right now, we have somehow followed rules within the randomness.

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