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The Onion

Medium: Paper, cardboard, wire, etc

2018 - 2019

Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 80 Inches


"This is a wearable costume that resembles the layers and transformative nature of an onion. This onion costume is intended to demonstrate how we tend to cover up and fabricate ourselves into something better and someone attractive while hiding our real self under all those layers. Similarly, the decorative outermost layer of the onion is made to be visually appealing via the use of the color red and glitters. Once it opens up, the intricately repeating pattern that is covering the inner skin of the peeled onion flaps is revealed. At the center of the costume lie layers of onion rings that are piled together. These rings are covered with patterns of simpler depiction of the onion. Once the person stands up and walks out of the outer cover, as if shedding the skin, the onion rings that are attached to the body stretches down to reveal the hidden part of the body. "

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