The Jiggle Fixer
  - A Wearable Technology

Medium: Processing, Arduino, Adafruit Circuit Playground, etc.

Spring 2020



Once something becomes a habit, it is very difficult to fix and stop yourself from doing it.

However, this “JIGGLE FIXER” will remind you not to jiggle your legs when you don’t want to.

You may choose between a buzz, a noise beep, and led lights to go on when you jiggle your legs for more than 20 repeated times.  

It is shaped like a band that you can wrap around your leg.

Setting it at ‘buzz’ and wearing it under your pants can make it unnoticed by others!

“A lot of people bounce their legs out of habit.

It could be due to restlessness, as a concentration aid, or even because of stress.” 

Ellen Scott, Lifestyle editor


Were you ever annoyed of yourself from jiggling your legs too much that the whole table goes shaking like an earthquake happening?

Are you worried that you might annoy the interviewer at a very important job meeting because of leg jigglings? 

Do you have a friend who jiggles their legs non-stop and constantly distracts you from concentrating in class?

This is what you should get!

Prototype Proposal

Final Product Proposal