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Welcome to Lost Face

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Medium: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop

Fall 2021

A mask is often used to hide our true identity, to disguise but also reveal.

A mask can serve as an instrument of authenticity, allowing the wearer to speak their secret truth.
A mask can be an instrument of deception, allowing the wearer to display a false self.
What mask might you be hiding under?
What mask might allow you to speak the truth?
A mask can even transform.
In some religious rituals, the mask transports the wearer from one consciousness to another.
You become someone or something else.

Who are you? And what do you want?

This is a project created around the idea of masks and their role in our society today.

People wear masks for various reasons.

In 'Lost Face', you are introduced to a first-person experience in 5 different stages of 'Happiness', 'Love', 'You', 'Face', and 'Beauty'. Different questions appear throughout the journey that disguise and reveal the identity that is lost behind the mask.

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