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Color Psychology

Medium: Maya, Unity, Oculus VR

Fall 2021


"A colorful immersive experience designed to explore the meaning of each stage of colors."

It is a representation of the relationship between different moods and colors through the use of texts and poems.

This is designed so that even if the keywords placed within the world are written in a unique language, Korean, users can still relate their experiences with thein the environment to the meaning of each color.

Esther Kim - 3D design, Visual development, VR experience design

Menna Hassanian - Unity script, Interaction, Poem writer

Jungwoo Mun - Sound design



Nerves quiver in the wake of rage.

Trapped, like an animal in a cage.

To seethe is to rage

Unwise as the red sage.





The breathing and the breathless.

The flying and the flightless.

The prey and its huntress.

Existing in mother’s wonders;

Together in oneness.



When it rains, it doesn’t compare,

To the tears falling parallel to my hair.

It’s dewy, and quiet.

The loneliness, I can’t deny it.

But the wind brushes briskly,

Wiping woes away while I’m silent.




The day is filled with splendor!

The bad has no space to be a contender.

Free as a bee, I spring from one place to the other.

For my happiness, I can’t smother.



I’m so cold, I can’t bear it.

I’m so alone, I can’t stand it.

My heart’s ice, I can’t melt it.

When’s the best time to call in distress?

Because my body says “no,” but my mind says “yes.”



Like a blank paper,

The mind and soul are clear.

Darkness evaporates like vapor.

No man characterized with drear.

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