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Where is my egg?

Medium: Puppet Animation, Mixed Media, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Fall 2022

Length: 45 sec.


“Where is my egg?” is a stop-motion puppet animation that discusses the topic of motherhood in a bit of a quirky and hilarious way. I was particularly interested in the relationship between the chicken and the eggs, which is the mother and child relationship. In today's society, where domestication and systematic manufacturing are common, chickens are more likely to function as egg-producing machines without the chance to see their own children. With this in mind, I wanted to illustrate this ironic relationship between the chicken mother who gets her child taken away through questions such as “how would the chicken mommy recognize its child? Is there a natural maternal instinct that allows the chicken to recognize its baby egg, even if it is in a different form?” A mother who goes on an adventure to save her baby looks worrisome, yet well-meaning, bold, and straightforward at the same time.

--> link to view storyboard & behind the scene

Still Shots
Character and Set Development
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