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About the Artist

Innovative 3D & Motion Graphics Designer specializing in interactive XR and VR content development. Proficient in 3D modeling and design, I leverage emerging technologies to craft captivating experiences spanning animation, video, 3D art, interaction design, and virtual reality. 

Immersive Storyteller and Multimedia Designer


Esther Kim is a first-year M.F.A. candidate at the University of Connecticut in the Digital Media & Design program, specializing in 3D motion and interactive media design. Born in South Korea and raised in Thailand, Esther's multicultural background fuels her passion for sharing diverse and immersive narratives.


Graduating summa cum laude with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University, Esther has cultivated her expertise in 3D and interactive experience design. With an unwavering desire to encourage empathy and cultural understanding, her innovative approach to storytelling seamlessly merges visual mediums with cutting-edge technologies, reflecting the symbiotic relationship between media and culture.


With her previous professional experience as an interactive content developer, designer, and 3D generalist, Esther leverages 3D modeling, animation, motion design, and real-time simulation to craft engaging experiences across various interactive platforms, including AR, VR, AI, and web-based interactions. 


Her 3D art and design research experience extends to working with an interdisciplinary team to design a choreographic live coding platform with motion-captured animation.  She recently participated in cross-campus conferences in Canada and Virginia to further develop character narratives of virtual 3D avatars related to that project.


Hoping that her work will serve as a bridge between people and cultures, Esther integrates culture, art, and technology into captivating immersive experiences, while continuously expanding the boundaries of multimedia design and storytelling. In addition to her personal artistic pursuits, Esther currently enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge as an educator in the Virtual Worlds and Simulation class. After graduation, Esther aims to work in the field of 3D motion and interaction design and hopes to continue researching in the world of Virtual and Augmented environments. 

Here is my CV

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