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LocoMotion is a live coding language for dance, choreography, motion, etc.

LocoMotion is a developing language for the live coding of choreography for 3D graphics on the web. It is situated in
the Estuary platform where it can be utilized for networked collaboration for programming and/or performance.
Through this project we aim to explore a variety of applications for choreographic coding languages, from learning
dance to algoraving.


3D Art & Design Research Assistantship

Assist Dr. Kate Sicchio in the research of 3D avatars and movements programmed for live coded choreography.

Create 3D models and motion capture animation, retarget choreographed movement data to 3D characters, and create concept sketches in Blender. Work as part of an interdisciplinary team with collaborators across VCUArts and McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada).

Long Neck Woman in Thailand

Dancing Raccoon

Live Coding in Estuary

Benny Duck

Furry Ant

African Wooden Figure

African Stone Figure

Female Diver in Jeju Island

Woo Young Woo



Jumping Flower

Cactus Ballerino

Woman in Nature

Moving Glassman

Elle in Y2K

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